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found me one of these nice little pendents at a yard sale. Thing was oooooold. So old I can't seem to get the dirt off. No matter how much I get it to shine, the dirt just keeps coming off. Hmmm. I don't know much about the symbol beside the basics but it was love at first site (My precious) on the opposite side, there is a triange with a pentagram in the middle and the name of the 3 archangels on each side of the triangle. Maybe someone can help it seems whenever I take this item out on the town I get the impression that it's creating chaos around me but keeping me safe at the same time. I know it holds power. I'm just not sure what kind. Any info would be much appreciated.
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  • The best way to find about it is to interrogate it with a pendulum. Figure out which questions to ask it that can answered either yes or no and then hold the pendulum over it and ask them.
    • I always thought that was an old psych trick. You answer the question and the muscles in your finger tips subconciously movie the pedulum. Any idea what that other symbol is?
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        Hi Frank. Very interesting find there, a true keeper! Most magick stuff for sale is just worthless junk so you are probably lucky to find a genuine thing.The pendulum and the muscle thing, it,s called idiomotoric movements by the sceptics and scientists. Non the less it,s really usefull since it,s hitting the truth and works extremely well, you should really try it as previously sugested.

        As for your amulet, i have some old experiences concearning this also some facts about the thing. Since im a novice, any reader dont fear to correct me if im wrong about what im saying. Something similar to the symbol you described is in the first book of the goetia, Lemegeton Book I - The lesser key of solomon. In the beginning we have the circle with the snake and all that. Above this `` protection circle´´ with the snake in it, there is the triangel you described, or something cloose to it. Right? It should be a triangle in white, with a green circle in the middle. A ariant with a pentagram in it sounds more powerfull tought and less `` dead´´
        Anyways, around the circle the words Tetragrammaton, Primeumaton and Anaphaxeton is written in red, all this on a yellow background. Inside triangle Michael is written. Is this similar to your ammulet? I,m sure there is alot of variations on this. This triangle is where the wessle of brass vere located on, and the names is there to keep the evil spirits in check and on the inside i figure. But then to the experience bit here. When i was younger i was an expert in making cursed amullets, interesting but not very usefull. It seems to me, that a good sign something is cursed is that it attracts unpleasent things, dirt mostly and sometimes strange smells. Some of these things might even desease you or bring your mood rock bottom. It also attracts bad things to happen, look out. Judging by my poor experiences i would advice too be cautious on it. Also the previous owner might have effected it in different ways good or bad. In the other hand, since the object attracted you, and you feels protected by it, that makes it a good item, not a cursed one. Once again im a novice here, but since the vessel of brass is used upon it, then could it have some purpouse attracting evil energy/ spirits too, therefore making the chaos but not harming you? Anyhows it sounds powerfull, therefore learn as much as you can about it. Ask the pendulum, and also your own feelings about it, also keep observing what happens around it.The fact you mention that this amullet seems to go active when you travell sounds a bit odd, cant find an explanation for that. Do you wear it on you always or when you travell specifically?
        • Is this Enochian Magik? It seems to work very well for me as I have an affinity for it.
          The tetragrammaton is also a protection ritual that you draw in air while sounding the syllables, accompanied with a banishment summon.
          If you do it properly it can be energetically perceived.
          The metal tetragrammatton would probably anchor it.
          The sigils are very powerful.
          When things find their way to you it is a good sign .There are many way to clean them from their previous owners' energy. Salt works very well for me and depending, sun or moon exposition for charging.
          What is that trick with the pendulum. Let me read again. You must be emotionless and very controlled to use the pendulum well, as a rule.
  • much thanks for the info
    I was actually using the pendent itself as a pendulum. Maybe this is not the way to go about it? Anyway, I was pretty much at a loss for the questions I wanted to ask so my resluts weren't exactly satifactory. The symbol on the other side looks like this:
    uhh cut and paste for pic and scroll down a bit
    • I know only a little about ceremonial magik, myself though will probably look into it again. It appears a way of concentrating energy, always a good thing. The tetragramathon is a universal, used many ways. From the image posted, it appears to be a protective shield (though the reverse in the triangle has me a bit puzzled). A good book or an Internet research would let you know.
      The fact that you were very attracted to it and/or that it found you is significant, however.
      Using the pendent as a pendulum is perhaps a bit unusual since it is probably charged already and one uses pendulums that are personal (not shared) or neutral. Unless you are using the charge to your benefit - not impossible. Maybe you are creating a new way of going about it so do not let me stop you. This is how innovations take place. Are you using the pendant for divination? I can get it to work that way. I usually write answers on small scraps of papers as not to be influenced by the answer I would like to get. It works remarkably well at times. When I'm off it is sometimes too. I have a friend who cannot use that means of divination because he is too emotional. What is sometimes overlooked is that enegy changes at times and what was a positive answer is not so clear later because events happen and people change their mind( they have free will and some use it a lot). Sometimes, outcomes have to be monitored. I wonder if setting oneself at the time of delivery would make to time quantum jump (just wondering) for clearear divination. I also have a very detailed pendulum divination book that I picked up at a library sale that hold hundred of pie charts and is remarkably accurate because very detailed.
      I tend to use divination means that show more nuances.
      As you keep the pendent it will become more attuned to your enegy.
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        I have one of these amulets. Gave me nothing but bad luck, to much christian energy in it.. felt very heavy and was such a relief to take it off. I will attempt to clense/re-charge it and bla bla.. The thing you have looks a bit like the sort of triangle to summon demons into. Not a bad thing since demons can be very usefull. Dont use it as a pendulum to ask it questions! It will lie to you since it,s already charged, and therefor not neutral to the question. You should use a pendulum, OVER, the amulet. Also, things attracting chaos use to have a negative impact on the aura ( i guess) Because when i have attempted such stuff it seems to attract things i dont ask for, mostly trouble. Thought, if you feel a good relation to your amulett i suggest developing your bond. It came to you by appearing! If you want to know more about it you could always try keeping it under you pillow and see what happens. Remember to protect yourself first thought.. since it could be a very good way to get possessed or strongly affected.
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    I'd be more intrested to discouver why you named this thread Tetragrammaton.
    I understand it's a triangle but archangels names?
    Were you able to read the inscription or compare it?
    Your link has many examples.
    • its the one at the top of the page. I named the thread tetragrammaton because thats what is on one side of the pendent. On the other side are the 3 archangels - this symbol I can't identify.
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        If it's like that one (as in exactly like) then what you have there is a little bit of a hybrid between classic Judaeo-Christian magick and a little bit of neo-paganism. I would suggest it is not all that old as the symbols in the large pentacle matches popular opposites in modern times and while it does says Tetragrammaton no actual tetragrammanton seems to be visible on it. In addition no steady pattern of will is prescribed to it. It's set up like a protection amulet of some kind and charged to the archangel guardian protectorates but it's both missing the name the final guardian (in this case Urial) and it doesn't offer the inscription any kind of anchor.
        I know people like having old keepsakes of strong attachment but in this case I would hazard the guess that this is the result of and individual free-styling a designing a mint and then pressing out copies in tin or some other easily hand pressed material.. It just appears that the amulet can not make up its mind on what it's trying to accomplish. It is very reminiscent of the lesser sigils of Solomon so perhaps the individual that did make this has a complementary piece like a ring or bracelet that finishes the set (and contains the vital anchor).
        Keep in mind this is all off of deciphering an image and I have had no physical contact with the item in question.
        • I posted a similar question but in the kabbala tribe. The thread ended up being about 120 posts long. I was told that it was a Freemason pendent by a merchant but I'm not so sure any more since it wasn't until the next day that I identified it as a tetragrammaton. When I bruoght it back to the person they were puzzled and had never heard of the symbol. It's exactly like the one in the picture though its probably made of brass and is indeed very old.
          • as dicussed in the kabbalah tribe, the pendant is NOT "a tetragrammaton".

            Tetragammaton is simply shorthand for the Hebrew name of God
            • what does one look like?
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                Generally the Tetragamanation is written in its Hebrew form and represents the multi-fold name of God (or God's true name). Generally the tetra is distinguished by the Shin (I think that's how to spell it) which is in and of itself the Hebrew equivalent of Will or Essence. As far as it is not being a part of the Kaba... well.... from my experience everything is a part of it so this would be too. Furthermore Tetra has influenced a lot of Kaba evolution but that's not a topic for this tribe.
                Again, if the pendant you speak of, if it is the one linked at the top of the page, regardless of it's appearance of being old is using symbols whose associations where made during this century. Two oddities in particular stand out. On the back with the word Tetragramaton written on it we see in the corners of the pentacle two symbols mimicking the “male” or star sign. Both these point out of the sides of the pendant and not inward. This suggests that the pentacle is for banishing and not summoning. This would be fine in itself but two additional symbols appear in the middle of the same pentacle. In Masonic traditions the symbols in the middle are common in paganism the symbols in the corner are appropriate. The combo suggests a hybrid.
                Second of course is the glaring fact the pendant is charged with the archangels (with one missing) but contains a circle with a triangle within inside of which is a pentagram inside a second circle. Mason would not have added the second circle because the triangle was present setting the border. More importantly however the same amulet would not have a pentacle on one side and a pentagram on the other if it wear charged with a single purpose (which it's trying to attempt). Just another example of the amulets Hybrid quality.
                My guess on date? It’s a guess but looking at all of this I’d say you be hard pressed to date it out of the last century. Maybe as old as 1910-1920 but more likely around the 60’s and 70’s. Brass? A charm amulet made of brass? Certainly no mason would wear such an item beyond the sentinels post.
                Sorry man. I know it’s not what you want to hear but it really does look like you bought a neat-o pendant and not a lost keystone token. At the very least though it may inspire you to learn a broader form of correspondence so you can discover the particular truth of the object.
              • it looks like YOD HEH VAV HEH in Hebrew:


                The four Hebrew letters usually transliterated as YHWH or JHVH, used as a biblical proper name for God.

                [Middle English Tetragramaton, from Greek tetragrammaton, four-letter word, from neuter of tetragrammatos, four-lettered : tetra-, tetra- + gramma, grammat-, letter; see gerbh- in Indo-European Roots.]"

                so really, "tetragrammaton" just means "four letter word" in Greek. It could be a word such as "fuck" or "soup" or beer"... but in common usage, THE Tetragrammaton means the four letters which are the name of God (or the highest form of God, depending on how ou look at it) in Hebrew. The terms you are probably familiar with such as Jehovah or Yahweh are all attempts to phonetically spell out the word, since the Hebrew alphabet in it's original form had no true vowels (they are represented by dots below the letters in common usage today). However, for many Jews it is verboten to try to speak the name of God aloud, so they will say "Ha-Shem", which means merely "The Name", similar to how Tetragrammaton to refers to a thing but is not that thing. Because there were no Niqqud or diacritical vowel marks in Classical Hebrew, it is not clear how the word is actually supposed to be pronounced if such a thing were permitted, (and perhaps it is a cipher in any case)

                now what does
                look like? That is a whole nother can of worms. perhaps you will find out for yourself some day.
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    The pronounciation comes to those who through clearing download it from astral domain or DESERVE or... You can find CLUES in the 3rd initiation by Franz Bardon.
  • Magick is not thinking and not doing, get an RTRRT initiation and distill true will via True Mind Distiller in order to see that both XAOC and "order" are categories.
  • I'm wondering whether you are referring to the Tectractys which is synonymous with the holy name of GOD, is triangular and is linked to the Qabballistic Tree of 10 spheres?

    The Tectractys is a symbolic arrangement of 10 points, on 4 levels incorporated into astrological symbolism from Pythagorean and Gnostic schools that includes alphabetical and numerical attributes from Hebrew, Greek and Latin sources. The total of the numbers assigned to the letters IHVH (Jehovah) = 72, the magical number that equates with the human pulse rate and also defines the Sun's retrograde path due to equinoctial precession through the zodiac at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years. The average human pulse rate is also 72 beats per minute. Also 72 is the angle of the pentagram. In effect this mystical number unites the macrocosm with the microcosm and permeates the philosophical ideals of Hermeticism. Herein is also contained the idea of the alpha and the omega, the first and the last, in purely numerical terms but which has some echoes in the Greek and Latin alphabets as well as in Tarot symbolism. The first and the last letter of the word ALPHA (5 letters), which is the first letter of many alphabets is the same as the last, that is the first will be last, however, the last letter of the Greek alphabet was at one time sampi, now an obsolete symbol and much later replaced by OMEGA (Ω), a more recent character that replaced the old Phoenician "lazy eight", the symbol of infinity or natural return in the calendrical cycle. Astrologically, Libra from the sigil was the last sign to be included in the zodiac, it was previously all Scorpio. LIBRA, OMEGA, ALPHA are words that have 5 letters and each ending in A, the first letter of the alphabet, when added together they come to 108 (a number of some significance ie: 9x12), the decans of astrological lore.

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